Education to empower your platform experience

Learn how to get the most out of your platform with an expert-led training program personalized to your unique business needs


Three steps to platform success

We’ve developed a three-tier educational program to show you
 how our platform works so you can train your fleet


Tools to help you train like a pro

At every step of the training program, you’ll have everything
 you need to learn and pass on the knowledge

Instructional videos
How-to videos filled with important
 info for navigating your platform
User guides
Handy manuals for using your fleet’s
new hardware and software
Training presentations
Step-by-step educational decks 
to reinforce your training
Learning management system
Built-in LMS app integration
 and curriculum design
Scenario tools
Situation-based resources to
prepare you for the real thing
Device simulator
Realistic examples of your
 connected vehicle device in action

Training at your fingertips

You and your team will have access to our library of training docs and videos right on your mobile devices