Full fleet installation in only five months

Learn how C.R. England successfully implemented Platform Science solutions into their entire fleet of 4,000 trucks in just five months

Installation made easy

What initially seemed a challenge became a smooth process with help and planning from Platform Science. The installation for each truck was simple, enabling technicians to swap out the required hardware and install a new system within 30 minutes.


4,000 trucks. Five months. No problem.

Hear what our friends at C.R. England had to say about their installation based on feedback from their drivers

“The rollout went pretty smoothly, and we were quite shocked at C.R. England that we finished the installation of the entire fleet of 4,300 trucks earlier than what we thought we would.”   

Aaron Church
Maintenance Training Manager at C.R. England

Products built for productivity

C.R. England combined their existing technology with our suite of products and third-party apps to help their drivers spend less time on data entry and more time doing what they do best

What do C.R. England drivers think of our platform?

They love it, of course. Here's why: 

“Our drivers love it. From the time we first put our 10 drivers on our pilot, they got on it very quickly, learned it really easily, and that first day out, they came back and were happy. They said it’s easy, it’s intuitive, and that really made rolling it out a lot easier.”
Rich Farr
Vice President of Technology at C.R. England