CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: Werner Enterprises

Delivering innovation with Werner Enterprises

Learn how our friends at Werner improved their driver experience using our time-saving workflow tools

Using technology to work smarter

Nearly 80 percent of the data Werner's back-office team needs from drivers are sent through PS Workflow, significantly increasing the accuracy of their records and reducing the time it takes to create them


Making life easier for Werner Drivers

Hear what Ben and Raymond from Werner have to say about the Platform Science tools they use every day

“We have a homegrown, custom-built TMS system that some solutions were unwilling to work with. Platform Science proved flexible and wanted to be a true ally to help us create the best solution to fit the needs of our team.”

Danny Lilley
VP and CTO at Werner Enterprises

Products built for productivity

Werner combined their existing technology with our suite of products and third-party apps to help their drivers spend less time on data entry and more time doing what they do best

What do Werner drivers think of our platform?

They love it, of course. But don't take our word for it—see what they're saying:

“The simplification has been helpful because it’s one device that does everything and is easy to use. It walks you through each task needed step by step. You are not digging through old macro cards to remember which one you need to send and at what time.”
Ben B.
Werner Enterprises Professional Driver