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Drivewyze Free

Drivewyze, Inc.

Drivewyze Free is North America's only no-cost safety service for the trucking industry, provided by Drivewyze and sponsored in part by agencies. Drivewyze Free provides drivers with exclusive and high-impact in-cab safety alerts and advisories, alongside insights on fleet performance.

Available for all drivers directly on your Platform Science ELD, completely free with no additional subscription required.

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Drivewyze Free allows fleets and drivers to receive an essential set of in-cab safety alerts and advisories in advance of potentially risk areas on the roadway, at no cost. Drivewyze free does not include weigh station bypass service and so there is no driver or fleet pre-clearance data shared with government agencies in order to receive this service.

Essential Alerts & Advisories – exclusive to Drivewyze Free – warn your drivers of real-time unexpected slowdown, travel advisories, and high risk areas BEFORE they happen. These alerts and advisories are specially curated by Drivewyze and sponsored state departments of transportation (DOTs) and other regional/state agencies – provided to you at no cost. Learn more

Drivewyze Free also includes access to the Drivewyze Hub, where Fleet Managers can administer Drivewyze service levels and monitor fleet activity. Fleet Managers are able to request special reports for deeper insights. Learn more

  • Agency Sponsored Alerts: Exclusive to Drivewyze and sponsored by state Department of Transportation (DOTs) through our Smart Roadways program.
  • Drivewyze Sponsored Alerts: We work with safety partners and carriers to identify high-risk zones, known hazards and high-speed citation areas.
  • Drivewyze Hub: Fleet Management & Reporting

  • Enhance driver safety
  • Optimize fleet performance
  • No cost to fleets
  • Avoid risks with in-cab alerts and advisories
  • Data-driven insights to optimize performance
  • Easily manage and customize access with Drivewyze Hub
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