The Power of a Partner Ecosystem for Industry Innovators

In the commercial vehicle and fleet industry, opportunities for technological innovation are vast. Smaller tech companies and app developers are now delivering new ways to increase fleet safety and efficiency with tools for gamified driver training, HOS compliance support, in-cab browser features, and weigh station bypass, making drivers’ days more productive while reducing busywork for back-office teams. 

Innovative developers often face the challenge of finding quality hardware that supports their software and plays well with the industry’s leading fleet management systems. To achieve an ROI more quickly and ensure their company’s prosperity—while also supporting new revs and improvements in the near future—developers must find affordable ways to quickly and effectively reach potential customers. Then comes the challenge of getting their tools in as many cabs as possible.

How a Partner Ecosystem is a Win-Win Relationship

Many developers are finding success by collaborating with established fleet management system providers in the form of partner ecosystems, which collect third-party apps vetted by a parent company for integration with their hardware and software products. The benefits for app developers include access to a proven and interested customer base, as well as a marketing machine that’s already in motion. For developers solely focused on software-based innovations, partnering with a company that offers high-quality devices which already work with their apps skips a major step and significantly reduces expenses. This helps developers reach an ROI faster, freeing up more funds to improve and expand their existing apps or develop new ones. 

A partner ecosystem is also beneficial for the parent company as it enables them to offer additional customization and functionality to their customers through apps that are tailored to certain sectors of their target audience. This flexibility also appeals to fleets who know their needs will likely evolve over time, as well as fleets needing special functionality for specific areas of their operations. The ability to create customized solutions with high-quality, fully vetted tools that are easy to integrate also helps the parent company expand their portfolio quickly and exponentially.

The Virtual Vehicle Platform

Platform Science, an industry leader in fleet management software and telematics tools, has developed an extensive and ever-growing network of partner apps and integrations, empowering fleets with access to a wide range of proven solutions. In addition to offering a full suite of hardware and software tools, Platform Science provides an open environment for third-party developers and fleets to easily develop, deploy, and distribute their own apps. 

Platform Science’s Virtual Vehicle marketplace also serves as the first open OEM platform for fleets to access real-time driver and vehicle data, telematics, software, and third-party apps directly from their vehicles. This integration improves efficiency and safety across fleets’ operations while supporting job satisfaction for drivers and back-office teams alike. In the end, the customer wins as fleets have the power to customize solutions for their entire company or select areas of their operations while preparing their business for the future as new needs or technologies evolve. 

Partnership in Action: Drivewyze

Drivewyze is a North American fleet technology provider on a mission to improve fleet safety through its suite of in-truck and roadside solutions, which include bypass opportunities, faster inspections, and safety notifications. Their apps work on in-cab devices such as electronic logging devices (ELDs), phones, and tablets with no additional hardware required, making them an ideal integration partner for Platform Science. Drivewyze recognized the benefits of tapping into the Platform Science ecosystem, as their Vice President of Business Development & Channel Management, Frances Kilgour, explained:

“At Drivewyze, we are excited to play an integral role in Platform Science’s ecosystem. The strategic partnership we have with Platform Science allows us to spread our vision of zero crashes, zero fatalities across North America reaching thousands of trucks,” Kilgour said. “Further, Platform Science shares our belief in fostering innovation by aiding us with our e-Inspection pilot program, helping streamline the inspection process for carriers and inspection officers.”

Through their partnership with Platform Science, Drivewyze now offers two mobile apps via the Virtual Vehicle Marketplace: Drivewyze Safety+ driver communication tools and Drivewyze PreClear station bypass software. A third e-Inspection app is also coming soon.  

Exploring the Ecosystem

Dozens of app developers have already partnered with Platform Science to deliver their technology to the masses more quickly through an open and flexible environment that makes it easy to integrate and create value. As part of their commitment to ensuring the success of customers and partners alike, Platform Science continually strives to ensure all parties benefit from new technologies that make the roads safer and the industry more secure. 

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