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Drivewyze Inc.

Elevate your safety initiatives with in-cab notifications. Drivewyze Safety+ makes it easier to talk to your drivers, right when they need to hear it. Set up your own virtual signs that automatically show when drivers reach a certain point on their route, like a yard entrance, specific destinations, or known hazards. Improve communication, reinforce good performance, and encourage safer decision making with our proven notification system.

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Drivewyze Safety+ prevents risky driving behavior by notifying drivers when they need to pay extra attention, like when approaching severe weather, known speed citation zones, high-risk curves, low bridges, steep grades, and more. Developed in collaboration with local, state, and national transportation and safety agencies, these notifications are carefully curated to make sure your drivers receive alerts when they really matter.

With Custom Alerts, it’s easy to create additional in-cab, location-based notifications unique to your fleet, informing drivers when they are approaching risky areas or locations with specific safety protocols. Monitor behavior and identify coaching opportunities with fleet-wide and vehicle-specific reporting at each zone – whether it’s curated by Drivewyze or custom made.

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  • Standard Alerts give your drivers more time to respond to sharp exits, tight curves, low bridges, steep grades, and more.
  • Custom Alerts allow fleets to deliver personalized, location-based alerts to drivers in the cab.
  • Parking Alerts signal open rest areas with available stall counts.
  • Speed Alerts are proven to reduce over-speeding events in critical locations by 27%.
  • Risk Zone Insights make it easy to see how your drivers and fleet are responding in critical situations.
  • Unlimited access to the Hub, Drivewyze’s user-friendly online portal.

  • Safety service that empowers fleets to take control of in-cab messaging, gain access to fleet-wide and driver-specific safety insights, and utilize proactive driver coaching tools. 
  • Reduce safety incidents and citations with enhanced driver awareness thanks to proactive alerts ahead of high-risk zones -- available at over 2,500+ sites across North America.
  • Improve fleet safety with actionable insights on fleet behavior and trends. 
  • The only safety service fully tailored to your fleet’s safety needs, with location-based tagging of high-risk zones and customizable in-cab messaging.

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