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Drivewyze Inc.

PreClear rewards your hard earned safety score by providing bypass opportunities at fixed weigh stations and mobile inspection sites - right on your Platform Science device, eliminating the need for transponders.

Bypass & Tolling
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PreClear rewards safe driving with legal bypasses at weigh stations across North America, saving your fleet time and money.  Simple and easy to use, it is the only full service, always-on bypass service that doesn’t require a transponder to run.

With the largest network in North America, PreClear offers almost 3x the bypass opportunities as any other provider, meaning less time slowing down for inspections and more time en route.

Safety Notifications

With your Drivewyze PreClear subscription you’ll also receive Drivewyze’s free Safety Notifications service that delivers in-cab safety alerts to drivers as they approach high-risk areas, such as rollover zones, low bridge clearances, and mountain corridors, on interstates and freeways.

To learn more about our premium Safety Notifications offering, Safety+, click here

  • More bypass sites than any other program
  • Works at scales and mobile sites 
  • Integrated into your Platform Science device – no transponders to manage
  • Reveals your hidden losses from unplanned weigh station delays 
  • Heads-up alerts 2-miles and 1-mile prior to a weigh station
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Free subscription to Drivewyze Safety Notifications

  • Save time and money: No stopping or slowing at scales saves fuel and on-duty driver time.   
  • Deliver loads faster: Bypassing scales keeps drivers on the mainline.   
  • Great for recruitment and retention: Drivers are 3X more likely to work for a company that provides a weigh station bypass program.

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