PS Media Manager: How file management helps your fleet save

There’s a new solution for fleets looking to cut costs while still delivering a great experience to their drivers and customers. It’s a software tool called digital file management, and it gives fleets the power to upload, store, manage, and share important files with their drivers and back-office staff using a single dashboard built right into their devices.

In addition to keeping fleets’ files in one place, file management tools like PS Media Manager make it easy to save time and resources at every level of operation. We chose a few of the top ways your fleet can make the most of each day with media management software:

Shifting to paperless file sharing

First, let’s do a little math. On average, ELD manuals are between 50 and 75 pages long. At roughly 4 cents per page, the costs can start to pile up when fleets print a copy for each driver to keep in their truck. Add to that the price of printer ink, maintenance, and repairs and you’ve got a small fortune off your hands every time you need to update your fleet’s documents.

Fortunately, converting to a digital file sharing model eliminates those costs and enables you to easily update new manuals with a single click. And for environmentally friendly fleets looking toward a more sustainable future, reducing printing costs is a great way to conserve resources and reduce waste.

Adding more hours to your day

According to a recent Forbes article, the typical office worker spends about 30 to 40% of each day searching for printed documents. In the time spent rummaging through cabinets, folders, and drawers for paperwork, your back-office team could be focusing on more important tasks each day. With digital file management, they can.

Bringing all your media together in a single location saves a great deal of time, helping your fleet increase productivity and efficiency with ease. And for drivers who don’t have time to search for files on the road, solutions like PS Media Manager mean one less thing to worry about between stops.

Reducing the risk of violations

In participating states, you can upload your drivers’ digital cab cards to their tablets to prevent them from misplacing the printed card. This ensures they’ll always have the latest version of their cards saved as a PDF on their device, helping them avoid potential violations or tickets.

Combined with the right ELD solution, digital document sharing gives your drivers the advantage they need to save time while staying on the right side of the law. So wherever the road takes your fleet, file management solutions like PS Media Manager deliver a better experience across your operations.

Ready to help your fleet save?

We’ve got just the thing for you. With easy access to training guides, safety documents, company updates, and more, PS Media Manager keeps your drivers connected with everything they need to stay in the know. If you’d like to learn more about how PS Media Manager simplifies your fleet’s file scheduling, sharing, and tracking, check out our one-pager or connect with us to schedule a demo.