PS Media Manager: The home for all your fleet's files

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by all the media you have to manage, you’re not alone. According to a 2018 Forbes article, an average of 16 million text messages and 156 million emails are sent every minute. Add to that the documents, training videos, and other files required to operate a business each day and media can become unmanageable. For fleets—where most employees don’t have the time or resources to track down files—keeping up with media is even more complex. Fortunately, there’s a solution for the media pollution: Platform Science’s all-new Media Manager.

What is PS Media Manager?

Think of it as the home for all your fleet’s files. From training guides and safety documents to company updates and more, Media Manager’s smart dashboard connects all the content your drivers need to stay in the know. To make our existing solution even better, we’ve added new features for simplifying the way your fleet keeps up with the media that matters. 

We recently sat down with our Product Manager Yosef Rosenberg to learn more about Media Manager’s new updates and how they benefit fleets like yours.

Why do fleets need file sharing software?

The introduction of in-cab tablets has given fleets a new way to share media with their drivers. Traditionally, fleets have had to print files and distribute them to their drivers, which is costly and inefficient. Media Manager simplifies fleet management by eliminating physical copies and reducing logistical challenges associated with distributing documents to drivers.

What are some benefits for fleets using Media Manager?

Driver segmentation is a key advantage of Media Manager. Fleets can easily determine who receives what media and when they receive it by targeting specific drivers or sending files to everyone at once. Time to Live (TTL) and Priority media also make it easy for drivers to find the files they need and access media only intended for short-term use.

How did the daily driver experience factor into the building of Media Manager?

From its inception, we worked hand in hand with customers to address usability decisions and tweak the design to meet drivers’ needs. We also conducted a beta period with all our customers to gather feedback on our design and functionality. As a result, we implemented large buttons and easy-to-read text to help drivers spot what they’re looking for, as well as search and filter options to narrow down specific files. Additionally, everything opens in full-screen view and is sorted by “newest first” to ensure the most timely results. All these features—along with Priority media—ensure drivers have access to important media right at their fingertips.

What’s one pro tip for fleets getting started with Media Manager?

A pro tip for first-time users of Media Manager is to organize your media beforehand and determine the media you’d like sent as “priority,” as well as what you’d like marked as “permanent” vs. TTL. This will help you organize your content in the context of drivers who will be viewing media on their tablets. For fleet admins, I’d recommend familiarizing yourself with the mobile application’s User Interface so you’re aware of how drivers will see the media you’re sending.

Master your media with Media Manager

Media Manager makes it extremely easy to schedule, share, and track all your fleet’s important files, keeping your drivers connected with the information they need. To learn more about how Media Manager can help your fleet, check out our one-pager or connect with us to sign up for a demo. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support team for more information and we’ll be happy to help.