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PS Media Manager

Platform Science

Update your fleet communications with Platform Science Media Manager, a fully digital dashboard for easier file sharing. Keep drivers in the loop with videos, PDFs, and images so they'll always be informed of the latest in company policy, safety, and other critical information

Workflow & Productivity
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  • Supports common multimedia - PS Media Manager can host PNG, PDF, MP4, and MP3 files
  • Store permanent and temporary documents -Choose whether documents expire or remain permanently available on drivers’ tablets
  • Search for media on tablets - Drivers can use keywords to search for permanently stored media on their tablets
  • Built-in Media Player for Video & Audio - PS Media Manager features a built-in media player, so drivers won’t need to use a browser or other applications to view multimedia
  • Over-the-Air Delivery to Drivers - Files are sent to drivers over the air with a few simple clicks
  • File Targeting - Send documents to a single driver, a few, or the entire crew. File targeting enables you to control who receives documents
  • Media Scheduling - Schedule when documents are shared through our easy-to-use portal
  • Customizable Thumbnails - Create custom thumbnails for added recognition

  • Leave paperwork in the past - Transition to a fully digital dashboard that enables easy document sharing with the touch of a button
  • All of your files at your fingertips - Publish, update, and edit multimedia on your dashboard, then choose how and when drivers access it on their tablets
  • Keep track of views - See who has viewed shared media and who needs a friendly reminder
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