PS Media Manager: 3 ways to increase your fleet’s productivity with file management software

Managing your fleet’s media can be a full-time job, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right file sharing software, you and your team will have the tools you need to get more done each day without having to spend time digging for documents.

To help fleets like yours make the most of your time in the back office, on the road, and everywhere in between, we recently upgraded our Media Manager solution with new features designed for easier document sharing. Using PS Media Manager enables you to increase productivity across your fleet’s daily operations in a number of ways, but we narrowed them down to our top three:

Easily categorize and organize your files

While every fleet manages media differently, there’s always room for improvement. PS Media Manager simplifies fleet file management with categories for searching and sharing, making it easy for drivers to find what they need in less time. Whether you prefer grouping files by type, tag, or any other category, you’ll have a better way to keep track of the content that keeps your fleet moving.

Send your media on your schedule

When it comes to sharing media with your drivers, timing is everything. Let’s say you have a critical document that needs to be sent to everyone in your fleet within a specific time frame. With PS Media Manager, you’ll have the option to schedule media sends in advance instead of manually sending the file at the last minute and hoping it arrives on time. Even if it’s not a time-sensitive document, you’ll still be in control of your media and when it reaches its destination.

Keep everything important in one place

Drivers don’t have time to search for files—and neither do you. By keeping all your documents on one dashboard, PS Media Manager helps you avoid wasting time searching through emails, shared drives, or any of the countless other places files like to hide. With easy access to everything from training guides and videos to safety documents, company policies, and more, you and your drivers will have all your fleet’s documentation in one location.

Want to see how PS Media Manager simplifies your fleet’s file sharing, scheduling, and tracking? Sign up for tomorrow’s live webinar to see our media management solution in action, or download our one-pager for a quick look at Media Manager’s newest features. And if you have any questions or want to learn more, feel free to connect with us and we’ll gladly set up a demo just for you.