How Drivewyze takes the wait out of weigh stations

Skipping the line isn’t just for people with fast passes at amusement parks. Thanks to our partners at Drivewyze, truck drivers throughout the United States and Canada can get where they’re going faster with access to North America’s largest weigh station bypass service. In addition to helping fleets save time, money, and fuel, Drivewyze’s intelligent transportation system (ITS) reduces vehicle congestion at weigh stations by lightening the load of inspections for officials and truck drivers alike.

Solutions like those provided by Drivewyze are also a great incentive for keeping drivers on board. According to a survey conducted by Drivewyze, drivers claimed they’d be three times more likely to work for a company that provides weigh station bypass. And when it comes to driver retention, 65% of respondents said they’d be more likely to stay with a company whose benefits include a company-paid weigh station bypass service.

Drivewyze and Platform Science

Our partnership with Drivewyze started in 2018 when we added their PreClear solution to our platform. In addition to being the only full-service weigh station bypass service that doesn’t require a transponder, PreClear offers more weigh station and inspection bypass sites than any other program, with nearly three times the opportunities available to drivers.

A subscription to PreClear includes free access to Drivewyze’s safety notifications service Safety+, which sends in-cab alerts to drivers approaching high-risk areas—such as low bridge clearances, mountain corridors, and rollover zones—on freeways and interstates. Safety+ also features customizable solutions for preventing risky driving behavior and avoiding high-citation areas, giving fleets the tools they need to help their drivers stay informed and alert behind the wheel.

Driving truck tech forward together

A partnership isn’t the only thing we have in common with Drivewyze. We also share the honor of being included together in the 2022 FreightTech 25, a list of trucking technology’s top innovators and disruptors selected by a peer group of CEOs, industry leaders, and investors. Together, we’re helping drivers increase their productivity and efficiency with every load.

Drivewyze is available at more than 800 facilities in 46 states and two Canadian provinces, with additional sites scheduled for integration in the near future. Both PreClear and Safety+ are available in our Apps + Integrations catalog, where you can learn more about how Drivewyze helps drivers save time while staying safe on the road.