Driver Safety: Safer driving with fewer distractions

The road can be a distracting place for even the most experienced drivers. Between navigating through traffic, keeping an eye on other vehicles, and managing daily operations, focusing on the road ahead can be a challenge. At Platform Science, we’re committed to reducing distractions behind the dashboard by providing solutions for a safer driving experience.

Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road

One of the ways we strive to ensure road safety is by helping drivers keep their hands on the wheel. Our Wheels in Motion technology locks drivers' tablets in safe mode on their home screens once their vehicles start moving, eliminating distractions caused by touching devices while driving.

Fleets using our platform also have the ability to communicate with drivers by sending messages which are converted to audio and played aloud without any on-screen distraction. That way, back-office staff can rest assured knowing their messages are heard loud and clear without taking drivers’ eyes off the road.

Keeping driver safety front and center

Drivers using our platform have access to everything they need in one place with the Driver Command Center, a configurable interface which displays important updates and urgent messages right on their home screens. With easy-to-read alerts, timers, alarms, and more right on their dashboards, drivers don’t need to lift a finger to stay in touch with their fleets.

The right tools for driving safety

In addition to our full suite of solutions, we connect fleets with a catalog of driver safety applications from our partners:

Drivewyze Safety+
Drivewyze provides fleets and drivers with easy access to tools for preventing risky driving behavior and reducing citations

E-SMART Notifier
E-SMART’s innovative software solutions help fleets significantly improve vehicle safety through Active Speed Management

Netradyne’s Driver•i®
Netradyne’s advanced fleet safety camera solution helps drivers avoid risky situations by capturing and analyzing data in real time

With all these tools and more on the way, you’ll have everything you need to empower your drivers with a safer experience behind the wheel. If you’d like to learn more about our solutions for driver safety, we’d love to connect with you and discuss how we can make the road a safer place together.