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Netradyne’s vision-based Driver•i® is the most advanced fleet safety camera solution, with Edge Computing to capture and analyze video immediately, creating timely alerts to avoid risky situations. Driver•i’s high-definition cameras have advanced AI object detection that “see” the entire drive. Managers receive the complete safety picture via alerts, reports, driver scores, and video-on-demand.

Driver Experience
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Netradyne’s vision-based Driver•i® is the most advanced fleet safety camera solution, with AI and Edge Computing embedded in the device to capture and analyze data immediately, to help avoid risky situations. This equips managers with the complete safety picture through alerts, straightforward reports, and video on demand. Unlike legacy platforms that rely on G-force triggers to record video, Driver•i uses advanced AI object detection to deliver the insights and results that drivers and fleets need.

GreenZone® is the industry’s first driver score built on positive driving, versus solely focusing on negative events. The Driver•i mobile app dynamically calculates the GreenZone score, comparing it to fleet average and notifying drivers when they reach milestones. Drivers receive automatic recognition for good driving, and gain visibility to risky driving behavior. 

Drivers can self-coach by reviewing key events with accompanying suggestions on how to improve performance and increase their score. This empowers drivers and improves performance by encouraging healthy competition between drivers, ultimately resulting in lower risk and a safer fleet.

  • Superior safety camera built specifically for fleets
  • Captures the complete driving day
  • Highest definition camera
  • Edge Computing at the device
  • Real-time driver alerts
  • Automatic positive recognition
  • Easy manager reports & charts
  • Automated coaching
  • Analyzed by AI (not humans)
  • Most advanced AI in the industry
  • GreenZone driver score
  • Driver app
  • Best of breed solution
  • Full visibility; no guesswork
  • View license plates and other details
  • Immediate, actionable data for drivers & managers
  • Allows for corrections; helps to avoid incidents
  • Better driver engagement & retention
  • Quickly know where to focus rewards & coaching
  • Saves managers’ time; helps keep drivers engaged
  • More accurate, faster, and more acceptable to drivers
  • More accurate alerts; no need to watch videos
  • Clear guidance for improving habits; clear structure for rewards
  • Enables transparency, self-coaching, and gamification
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