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Wise Systems
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Wise Systems Platform

Wise Systems

Wise Systems is a delivery automation platform that streamlines every step of last-mile delivery operations for B2B and B2C companies and gives drivers new levels of flexibility. It improves customer experience, maximizes fleet utilization and efficiency, and integrates with existing systems to reduce fleet mileage and late deliveries.

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The Wise Systems platform is an enterprise-scale automated dispatching and routing platform for local and last-mile delivery fleets. Balancing power and ease of use for everyone in the delivery process (planners, dispatchers, drivers, managers, customers), the system streamlines the end-to-end delivery process and improves fleet efficiency and customer service. 

The system includes Route Planner, Dispatcher, Driver, Mobile Manager, Customer Portal, Performance Manager and Strategic Planner applications, all built on a scalable, reliable and secure cloud-based infrastructure. 

The Wise Systems platform integrates seamlessly with your last-mile ecosystem (ERP/OMS/WMS and telematics) via Wise Systems Connects, which includes the Telematics Adapter and Data Connector for the free flow of critical data across systems.

The system is used by leading food, beverage, courier and other operations to improve fleet utilization and on-time performance and reduce fleet mileage.

  • Automates last-mile route planning
  • Reduces time spent building routes and free your team members 
  • Automatically applies your unique constraints to route plans for faster route optimization. 
  • Better use vehicle capacity while limiting miles during route execution.
  • Enable static, dynamic, and hybrid (static + dynamic) routing strategies.
  • Real-time visibility lets dispatchers monitor delivery progress, while system automatically makes adjustments as needed throughout the day to keep deliveries on time and on plan. 
  • ML improves service accuracy over time.  
  • Mobile app (iOS or Android) gives drivers interactive routes in list and map views, along with delivery details, and essential tools such as proof of delivery, barcode scanning, notes, and more, enabling a better customer service experience.

  • Balances power & ease of use 
  • Improves fleet utilization
  • Reduces time spent routing
  • Streamlines the end-to-end delivery process 
  • Improves fleet efficiency and customer service
  • Integrates seamlessly with your last-mile ecosystem (ERP/OMS/WMS and telematics)

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