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Weigh My Truck App

CAT Scale Company

CAT Scale’s Weigh My Truck app allows drivers to weigh their load without leaving the cab. Weigh, process payment, see the weights and get back on the road again. A locked PDF copy of the CAT Scale ticket is emailed within minutes. Now available on your Platform Science dashboard, making it even easier for drivers to save time weighing.

Workflow & Productivity
Driver Experience
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  • Weigh Your Truck from your device
  • Pay for the transaction
  • See your weights on your device
  • Get a locked PDF copy of your scale ticket emailed to you in minutes
  • Automatically detects reweigh eligibility
  • Launch CAT Scale Locator
  • Weigh History
  • Fleet Profiles available with back end data availability and custom field prompts for no additional fee
  • Email ticket copies to whomever you choose.

  • Save time weighing
  • No lost tickets – all are in your weigh history
  • Download yearly weigh reports for tax purposes
  • Dashboard for Fleets

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