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Uptake Fleet


Uptake Fleet’s external insights API supports major fleet and sensor manufacturers which expand and improve the level and quality of predictive analytics.

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Uptake Fleet empowers fleet managers by providing the necessary information to make smarter maintenance decisions. Driven by billions of hours of machine data, Uptake's Fleet analytics software helps reduce unplanned downtime, maximize the impact of maintenance operations, and optimize vehicle health across the portfolio while providing unparalleled transparency into fleet performance.

Uptake Fleet software allows Fleets to access industry leading analytics and realize the benefits of condition-based and predictive maintenance. Based on Uptake's experience and install base with customers running fleet operations, the typical impact is increased uptime, reduced maintenance cost, improved technician efficiency, and lowered number of breakdowns and roadside events.

  • Battery Failure - Uptake’s battery failure model looks for consistent degradation in batterycranking voltage which leads to road calls or non-start events.
  • DPF Failure Model - the DPF Failure model is analyzing the difference in pressure between the inlet and outlet of the filter incorrelation with the active regen attempts.
  • Risk Explorer - Quickly identify your vehicles at risk but also yourtrip-ready trucks. Risk score based on multiple inputs and trends over time.
  • Insights + Assets + Cases - Asset-specific data science bundles from the Uptake Industrial Library to optimize equipment performance; prediction of known failure modes, anomaly detection, and next-level operational excellence.

Enhance your preventive maintenance program with predictive maintenance.

Uptake Fleet empowers drivers, technicians, and shop managers with the actionable intelligence they need.

  • Prevent and mitigate roadside breakdowns and derates.
  • Proactively source parts replacements and cut inventory holding costs.
  • Increase vehicle availability with extended service life.
  • Promote driver satisfaction and retention.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Maximize your mechanic's time by:

  • Converting unplanned downtime into planned service.
  • Bundling maintenance events.
  • Proactively scheduling and performing high-value maintenance tasks.
  • Increasing preventive maintenance and repair efficiencies

Improve labor effectiveness:

  • Only perform the work that’s needed.
  • Make the right repair the first time by having the right people and expertise available for the job.

Streamline operations and maintenance:

  • Maximize reliability and availability with data-driven insights that inform preventive and predictive maintenance.
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