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Fatigue Meter

Pulsar Informatics

Fatigue Meter provides fleet managers with a real-time assessment of fatigue risk. The system generates proactive alerts to drivers based on patterns in HOS logs and safety events. Because the information is based on a predictive analysis, fleet managers and drivers have time to implement risk controls in advance and mitigate the occurrence of fatigue-related safety critical event

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The Fatigue Meter in-cab app delivers real-time fatigue risk alerts directly to drivers. When a driver begins their shift,the system uses predictive analytics to forecast their fatigue risk for the next 14 hours, based on their past driving schedule. If a Fatigue Watch is detected, the time of the elevated risk period is shown in a widget on the driver’s home screen, and they will receive notifications as they approach it. The driver can see a list of the work-related factors that are contributing to high fatigue risk and read tips on how to mitigate it.

  • Provides real-time fatigue risk monitoring across the entire fleet
  • No cameras, wearables or additional equipment required
  • Notifies drivers when a Fatigue Watch alert is coming up
  • Highlights which parts of the fleet and which drivers carry the most fatigue risk 
  • Enables stronger education and process improvement
  • Captures a driver’s fatigue status at the time a safety critical event occurs to help determine if fatigue played a role in the incident
  • Powered by advanced AI based on the latest science
  • Spot risks before they happen—sometimes hours in advance
  • Reduce the rate of occurrence of safety-critical events
  • Identify systematic patterns of fatigue in the fleet to increase safety and driver retention
  • Identify high risk drives before they happen
  • Save costs on accidents, claims, and fuel (fatigued drivers use more fuel)
  • Reduce driver turnover—less fatigued drivers are happier with their job
  • Guard against potential claims alleging fatigued driving
  • Empower the safety team with data to assist in driver coaching
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