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True Fuel®


True Fuel® is a patented software tool for reducing fleet fuel expenses. True Fuel combines real-time, in-cab driver coaching with automated, precise, and easy-to-use fuel efficiency data to help fleets and their drivers get the highest possible MPG from every vehicle and driver in their fleet, under any and all operating conditions. With True Fuel, fleets save between 3-10% of their annual fuel spend starting immediately after deployment.

Fuel Management
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Fuel is one of the biggest costs of operating a fleet - True Fuel was thoughtfully designed to make a significant impact on fleet fuel consumption without requiring a lot of effort.  Driver behavior can impact the amount of fuel a truck consumes by up to 30%!  That’s where True Fuel comes in – Improving driver fuel efficiency behaviors. True Fuel’s real-time audible driver coaching is proven to significantly change driver fuel behavior safely, allowing the driver to always keep their eyes on the road. To enable fleets to update or implement a driver fuel program, True Fuel provides a fair and accurate driver fuel efficiency metric that factors out all the variables outside a drivers control, so fleets no longer have to use unfair or opaque metrics, like MPG.  

True Fuel’s automated reporting puts actionable data directly into the hands of management, so they don’t have to spend time looking through mountains of data or managing complex spreadsheets. And True Fuel’s data-rich web portal provides unique insights into fleet fuel consumption, so fleets finally know how much fuel is being wasted, where, and how to take action towards recovering it. Fleets using True Fuel are seeing a 3-10% improvement in fuel economy starting immediately after deployment.

  • Fully integrated with Platform Science (no additional hardware)
  • Real-time audible driver coaching does the heavy lift of changing driver fuel efficiency behaviors
  • Automated reporting puts actionable data directly in the hands of managers and executives
  • Fair driver fuel efficiency metric enables accurate assessment of driver fuel performance (no more relying on MPG)
  • Data-rich web portal with unique fuel efficiency insights
  • Optional driver mobile app for self-serving performance data
  • RESTful API for easy integration into fleet BI reporting tool(s)
  • Significantly reduce driver-induced fuel waste
  • Fair and accurate driver fuel performance assessment
  • Unique visibility into quantified fuel waste
  • Engaged, motivated drivers
  • Safer driving
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Accurate equipment assessment
  • Reduced emissions
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