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SpeedGauge Safety Center®


SpeedGauge is a driving analytics and performance company.  Our focused, effective solutions help fleets and the insurance companies who serve them manage and improve driving behaviors to transform a company’s approach to driving, reduce risk, strengthen business operations and enhance financial results.

We are devoted to helping customers protect their businesses, their drivers and the motoring public.

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SpeedGauge Safety Center® - the essential speed monitoring and driver performance improvement solution. Providing reliable and dynamic reporting on actual speed vs posted speed limits for fleets and small businesses.

Using speed analysis as a simple yet transformative coaching metric to improve safety awareness and practices at any fleet for immediate and long-lasting risk reduction and operational gains.

Offered as a value added software upgrade, the SpeedGauge SafetyCenter improves existing GPS monitoring capabilities, enhances camera and other MVR solutions.

  • Live Activity Feed - see incidents in real time
  • Scheduled reports and Real Time Alert Notifications
  • Trend Charts – help you easily identify where to focus your efforts
  • Thresholds and custom speed limits enforce your speeding policies
  • SG Safety Score provides a benchmark of your safety performance compared to other fleets
  • Lower Driving Risk
  • Prevent auto related injuries caused by speeding
  • Fuel economy significantly improves when speeding stops
  • Saves on Repairs
  • Reduce Insurance premiums, legal costs & citations
  • Retain Good Employees - Quickly identifies which driver is good and who is lucky
  • Help Reduce Losses
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