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Rolling Strong Wellness

Rolling Strong LLC

The immersion of telematics has improved the safety, compliance, and bottom line for carriers. They give drivers a digital workstation that contains all of their tools, encapsulated in a handy device clipped to the dashboard of the truck. Platform Science has added Rolling Strong to the device giving drivers a toolset to help them stay healthy on the road, prepare for DOT certifications, and offer competitions and rewards for staying healthy.

Driver Experience
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Rolling Strong is an enterprise wellness solution built for the transportation community. It provides all the necessary tools to manage the wellness of your population with a special focus on the CDL lifestyle. Truck drivers face difficult working conditions:long hours on the road, little time to exercise, and limited healthy options for food. Fatigue and lack of focus behind the wheel can increase accidents and on-the-job injuries. Declining health contributes to turnover and retention issues, reduced productivity, and an increase in overall healthcare costs.

The trucking industry understands that the negative health conditions of our professional drivers prevent us from having a sustainable, reliable, and safe driver community. The industry has attempted to manage this crisis with DOT medical certification and the implementation of technologies such as lane departure systems, forward collision systems,ELDs and more. As much as these products have helped there is still work to do. Rolling Strong takes a proactive approach by offering a program that can help elevate our population to optimal health. This puts drivers behind the wheel being alert, focused and mentally prepared for the road ahead. We’ve helped thousands of drivers and dozens of companies take control of their health with our effective, easy-to-follow, and simplified wellness programs.

Now offered on Platform Science, we are able to deploy a set of these tools to the driver’s work station. Connected to a back-office management system, a variety of health clinics and combined with a gamified and motivating application, companies can now participate in addressing the ongoing health decline of our community and put saferand more productive drivers on the road.


Company Features

  • Managed service company wellness program for the back-office with driver health maintenance tools deployed on the in-cab device.
  • Deployed and managed by experienced transportation specific account managers
  • Customer Management Portal allows user management, competition management in-depth reporting and more

Driver Device Features

  • CDL DOT Recertification support and prep program
  • Connect to CDL wellness coach network
  • Clinical network for annual screenings and DOT physicals
  • Connect to activity trackers (Garmin, Fitbit, Samsung and more)
  • Gamified experience motivates users to make healthy choices
  • Nutrition, fitness, sleep, hydration and stress management
  • Custom In-app workouts library
  • Find nearby walking trails, fitness locations, health kiosks and healthy restaurants
  • Wellness education
  • Competitions and rewards
  • Built for truckers by truckers and transportation professionals
  • Improve your driver pool’s long-term DOT certifications with Ready Re-Cert
  • Put drivers on the road that are healthy, alert, focused and compliant
  • Recruit drivers with our “We care about your career and your retirement” approach
  • Retain drivers by keeping them safe, healthy and both physically and mentally prepared for the long haul
  • Lower worker comp cost – our program focuses on the muscular skeletal issues seen in drivers that make them prone to on-the-job injury
  • Reduce accidents (an alert aware and focused driver is a safer driver)
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve presenteeism
  • Reward your drivers for health actions and other measurable actions you can custom add to our platform
  • No better place to add these tools than to the in-cab workstation
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