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Motorcity Systems

Take your driver messaging platform up a notch. Make dispatch-to-driver communications simpler with our cloud-based solution that works with your existing messaging systems in real-time.

Workflow & Productivity
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Enrich the Driver Experience with RELAY.  Take dispatch-to-driver communication optimization to the next level with RELAY. Drivers can send messages any time from anywhere. RELAY gives your dispatchers total visibility across several different communication platforms and devices. 

RELAY from Motorcity Systems allows your company to:

  • Bridge the After-Hours Communication Gap - Send and receive messages with RELAY on any mobile device – even after hours. Dispatchers can assist drivers from anywhere at any time, and drivers feel more connected to the operations happening in the office
  • Be Empowered by Your Information - Driver details like current location with a clickable map, HOS status, and contact information are featured on a card that is readily available with a simple hover throughout many of the screens in RELAY.
  • Stay Organized, Engaged, and Focused - Drivers are organized in groups and conversations and forms are tracked on a timeline. Visual and audio cues alert dispatchers of new messages. RELAY keeps your office staff actively engaged with the drivers on the road.

  • Contextual conversations
  • Group messaging
  • Inline forms
  • Mobile app
  • Multiple platform support
  • Real-time chat
  • Powerful search
  • Available 24/7
  • Cost-effective
  • Built-in Customer Support

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