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PS Navigation

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Stay on the right routes with Platform Science Navigation, a truck-safe navigation app designed for a better driver experience and increased safety. Featuring a driver-friendly interface, turn-by-turn route guidance, custom points of interest, and more, it's filled with features that make navigation a breeze.

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  • Commercial truck routing - Routing designed specifically for commercial trucks keeps your fleet on the right roads.
  • Voice guidance - Keep your drivers’ eyes on the road with built-in voice guidance during routes.
  • Real-time ETA - Know when arrival is on the horizon with real-time ETA updates.
  • Turn-by-turn direction visuals - Drivers receive bold, instructional visuals to guide them each step of the way while en route.
  • Offline mapping support - Pre-provisioned maps and offline mode help drivers remain in sync, even in areas with bad or no service.
  • HOS & traffic alerts - Pre-trip alerts help drivers know to plan for traffic and HOS breaks in advance so they can adjust their routes accordingly
  • Speed monitoring - View real-time posted speed-limit information.
  • Integrate with PS Workflow - View HOS and other load data directly in the PS Navigation application to prevent app-switching on the go.
  • Customize your fleet’s routes - Modify your fleet’s maps to include “no-go” zones using our ‘avoids’ feature.
  • Points of Interest - Help drivers and planners build more efficient and affordable routes with custom points of interest. Get granular with the ability to call out specific loading dock locations and other details with latitudinal and longitudinal inputs.
  • Driver-friendly interface - Tested on the road by hundreds of drivers, PS Navigation delivers the most intuitive navigation system on the market with an easy-to-use interface your drivers will love.
  • Road-appropriate navigation - Create truck profiles for each vehicle to ensure every truck stays on the right route for its weight class, material type, and more.
  • Simplify reporting - Build smarter routes over time by analyzing trip data, including average speed, miles traveled, and trip duration.
  • Make safety a priority - Enjoy a safer navigation experience with turn-by-turn visuals, lane guidance, voice guidance, and night mode.
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