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PS Messages

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Simplify your fleet's communications with Platform Science Messages, a real-time chat application that keeps your drivers and back-office staff connected. Easily contact individual drivers or driver groups and control who sees messages through our easy-to-use portal

Workflow & Productivity
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  • 1:1 and 1:Many Driver Communication - Communicate with individual drivers or share messages with large groups. You control exactly who receives chats
  • Group Chats - Need to create chats around a specific topic? Or only communicate with drivers on the east coast? PS Messages lets you create group chats for just that purpose
  • Real-Time Messaging - Messages are shared in real time so you always have a pulse on communications
  • Threaded Chats - Communications are shown as threaded messages for easy historical review and context
  • Read Status - Know what's been viewed with read and unread statuses for messages you've sent to drivers
  • Priority Alerting - Set the status of messages as normal, priority, and urgent. Urgent messages can even be read aloud to keep drivers focused on the road
  • Embedded Links - Send links to websites and other important information with browser and app syncing
  • Stay Connected - PS Messages keeps drivers and back-office administrators in contact, no matter where they are
  • Keep Communications in One Place - No more rifling through emails, text messages, and tracking down missed calls. PS Messages keeps messages threaded and contained in a single application so you can always pick up where you left off when talking with your crew
  • Know Message Status - Easily identify when a message has been viewed or unread so you can send out reminders or follow-ups with drivers and driver groups
  • Raise the Alert on Critical Comms - Use priority messaging to ensure drivers receive urgent updates in a safe and timely manner
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