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PrePass is North America's most utilized and technologically advanced weigh station bypass and toll payment platform. Proven PrePass technologies enable safe, qualified motor carriers to bypass inspection facilities at highway speeds, saving time, fuel, and money. PrePass technology allows fleets to regain control of toll costs, eliminate toll violations, and automatically resolve max toll disputes. Available on your Platform Science device.

Bypass & Tolling
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PrePass is the only provider in NorthAmerica to offer integrated weigh station bypass, toll payment services, and data insights.

Trusted by over 105,000 fleets and750,000 truckers, PrePass offers a best-in-class weigh station bypass service that offers the flexibility of a mobile bypass app and a transponder. The choice is yours - use a transponder, the PrePass app, or both, based on your needs. In addition to bypass notifications, the PrePass app features driver safety and productivity alerts like dangerous slowdowns, work zones, weather events, and more. No other system provides up to 99.9% bypass reliability with the flexibility and convenience of PrePass.

Additionally, PrePass streamlines toll payments nationwide through its PrePass Tolls service. Experience the ease of toll payments, enjoy applicable discounts, and benefit from the comprehensive violation management and toll dispute resolution services offered by PrePass.

Exclusive to PrePass fleets, the INFORM™Tolling data analysis engine generates actionable tolling information on intuitive, custom dashboards. This easy-to-use data analytics platform breaks down toll transactions by device, geographic region, and tolling agency and identifies improper charges such as max tolls, toll fraud, and more.

With PrePass, you get the benefit of one device, one invoice, and one point of contact for both bypass and toll services saving you time, money, and resources.

  • Integrated into your PlatformScience device
  • Available technology options provide more flexibility and 25% greater bypass location coverage
  • Reduction of incidents with proactive visual and audible driver notifications through PrePass Safety Alerts™
  • User-friendly dashboard for quick, clear insights impacting your fleet’s Inspection Selection System (ISS)score
  • Only provider to bundle weigh station bypass services and nationwide electronic toll payment services
  • Toll management services include consolidated billing, toll discounts, disputes, and reconciliation
  • Intuitive toll data analytics and unified toll reports identify improper charges like max tolls, toll fraud, and more
  •  Save time, fuel, and money while reducing emissions when pre-cleared vehicles continue at highway speeds without having to stop at open weigh stations.
  • Streamline your business with an all-in-one solution for bypassing, safety score, driver safety alerts, comprehensive toll management, and data insights
  • More flexibility and location coverage due to bypass app and transponder options
  • Simplify with one device, one invoice, one point of contact, and one surety* (*tolling)
  • Lessen toll administration by efficient toll violation processing, optimizing costs, planning routes, and managing budgets
  • Automatically resolve toll disputers on your behalf by utilizing GPS data to verify agency toll charges
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