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Carriers are constantly drowning in dozens of documents that regulate where a truck can travel and what it can haul. PermitsLink makes it easy for carriers to manage, organize, and distribute these documents to drivers. With 24/7 document access from the PermitsLink mobile app, drivers can get the documents they need whenever and wherever.

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PermitsLink is an online document management system and mobile application designed to help fleets stay compliant and keep their trucks on the road.  With the PermitsLink mobile app, drivers have digital access to all documents required to keep their vehicle moving.  PermitsLink allows carriers to send documents to drivers instantly and keeps fleets organized.  The app decreases downtime associated with lost or outdated records.

PermitsLink technology provides a seamless way to upload renewed documents for your fleet.  The drivers can fax, print, and share documents directly from the mobile app.  This process ensures the fastest way through a port of entry, having all required documents up-to-date and handy on a digital platform.

Office staff receives warnings for documents that will expire soon and to which units those documents belong.  Once the new permit, license, or registration is in hand, the employee can update one vehicle at a time or the entire fleet at once.  PermitsLink will automatically update its records, removing the old document and remotely refreshing the drivers' records.  The unique QR code assigned to each unit will display the most up-to-date documents seconds after being replaced in the office, removing the need to make stops for paper copies.

Experience efficiency like never before with PermitsLink facilitating your document management and distribution.

  • Offline Document Access - Drivers can access the documents they need from anywhere, even without internet access.
  • QR Code Generator - Custom QR codes make it easy for drivers to share documents with enforcement.
  • Easy Document Uploads - Carriers can effortlessly upload thousands of documents in an instant.
  • Document Organization - Quickly find the documents you need with the advanced search function.
  • Easily Share Documents - Fax, print, or share documents directly from the mobile app.
  • Expiration Notification - Get notified if you have a permit expiring to keep your fleet compliant.
  • Send Requests - Allow drivers to send requests directly from the PermitsLink app.

  • Peace of Mind - Wherever in the country your drivers find themselves, know they have fast, quality access to everything they need.
  • Maximize Efficiency - By uploading thousands of documents at once, office staff saves time on their screens, and your drivers save time maintaining their books.
  • Reduce Downtime - When an officer requests documents at a port of entry, drivers can quickly provide them with the information they need via fax, e-mail, or the in-app QR code. This dramatically reduces stop time and gets drivers back on the road faster.
  • Cooperation - Be the solution rather than the problem when engaged with law enforcement..
  • Reduce Service Calls - Nearly eliminate incoming calls from drivers looking for misplaced documents.  Registration and Insurance cards are readily available at all times or simply obtained through the PermitsLink request feature.
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