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TTN Fleet Solutions

With Mobile Device Management from Platform Science, you can access FleetAssist from TTN.  It’s the industry’s smartest, easiest app for managing breakdown events. Dispatch service providers faster and gain end-to-end visibility into maintenance events.

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FleetAssist puts everything you need in one place. Get it, and you’ll discover a breakdown management workflow based upon best practices and designed to provide better service for your drivers. You’ll have more and better visibility into maintenance processes, and you’ll collect better data on every breakdown event.

Here's how FleetAssist works…

Available in Platform Science’s Apps + Integrations marketplace, FleetAssist has direct, automatic access to information that will speed the process of managing breakdown events — such as pertinent asset information, actual breakdown location and diagnostic information. 

To use the app, drivers simply answer a few questions and request service. Data is then sent directly to the service workflow of your choice.  Designed to capture relevant information that is commonly only available during a conversation on the phone. 

Data can flow directly to your maintenance support teams, or because it is built by TTN, it’s connected to our world class maintenance event management center.  The event can be crated inside FleetAssist ERS product and will be managed by experienced maintenance coordinators.  Either way, the data is yours! You call the shots! 

FleetAssist features API connection to any operations system necessary to provide fleet managers with full functionality and visibility.  

Drivers, fleets, and maintenance departments get a full view of the status of maintenance events as they evolve. From the moment FleetAssist is alerted to a maintenance event — until the moment your equipment is rolling again — everyone who needs to know will know exactly what’s going on with the truck, the customer’s freight, and the driver.

So get FleetAssist and get complete peace of mind.

  • Connects drivers with breakdown and maintenance solutions. 
  • Eliminates inbound call queues. Eliminates hold times.
  • Speeds the process of locating and dispatching providers.
  • Automatically pulls and provides critical vehicle data.
  • Provide end-to-end visibility. Provides access to TTN’s vendor network.
  • Offers a choice between managing breakdowns on your own or integrating into TTN Fleet Solutions for enhanced event management.

  • Faster Service 
  • High quality service providers 
  • Comprehensive visibility 
  • Less downtime

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