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Automated Fuel Tax Reporting
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Automated Fuel Tax Reporting

ProMiles Software Development Corporation

The ProMiles Automated Fuel Tax Reporting system uses ELD and GPS data to build pre-audit, compliant trip routes and records within our industry-leading Routing Engine. Trips are placed into a web-based portal for the user to review, modify and save. ProMiles imports all required fuel purchase data from the fuel card provider and assigns the data to trips to calculate IRP percentages, and to create State/Provincial IFTA and Mile Tax reports.

Fuel Management
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  • Uses the ProMiles Routing Engine to build accurate and compliant trip routes and records by merging ELD, GPS and fuel purchase data
  • Archives each trip in a web-based portal for review, modification, and approval
  • Automates calculations and validations, and instantly creates IFTA, IRP and Mileage Tax reports on required forms to email, print, sign and submit
  • Provides state mileage breakdowns, IRP summaries, MPG info and much more
  • Separates toll miles and tracks NY thruway toll miles, to be excluded from NY HUT
  • Automatically provides quarterly IFTA Rate updates
  • Offers integration with MOST ELD/GPS products, and most fuel card providers
  • Imports data using bulk upload feature

  • Improves driver efficiency and satisfaction by eliminating paper Trip Sheets and manual data entry
  • Saves time and money by reducing reporting errors and personnel
  • Ensures data accuracy with ProMiles’ validation and correction services
  • Increases data-symmetry with 98% of auditors who use the same mileage and routing calculations to build and validate trips through ProMiles auditing tools
  • Provides training and support by experts dedicated to customer success
  • Offers Audit Support services for professional guidance before, during and after an engagement
  • Archives customer data for 7 years, or more

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