The Science of Customer Support

Out on the road, every second counts. When an issue with vehicles or technology arises, even a moment’s delay can present major consequences for drivers. At Platform Science, we take time seriously. That’s why our Customer Support team is available around the clock to help fleets and their drivers stay safe and connected.

Whether it’s answering questions about our hardware or software, resetting drivers’ devices, or sending remote product updates, we’re here to give our customers the support they deserve. And while our experts are ready to help 24/7, it’s how we use our time that makes all the difference. On average, it takes just 34 seconds for callers to be connected with our Customer Support staff. From there, we can typically resolve issues remotely in less than 10 minutes, saving fleets time and money by fixing problems without taking drivers off the road.

Customer Support by the Numbers

Proactive solutions for drivers on the go

To ensure the best possible driver experience, we take it a step further than a typical Customer Support team. In addition to promptly receiving and resolving customer issues, we proactively identify and fix issues before drivers report them. In fact, it’s not uncommon for drivers to inform us they weren’t even aware of the issue by the time it was resolved. Because when it comes to keeping our drivers safe, we’re always looking ahead.

Customer Support behind the scenes

How do we do it? By keeping a close eye on our driver dashboard, we can quickly detect potential truck faults before they become an issue and determine the best solution based on the vehicle’s specific requirements. This usually means remotely rebooting or updating a driver’s Connected Vehicle Device, followed by a diagnostic analysis that tells us how to mitigate the error in advance.

The support fleets need to succeed

While we predominantly focused on how we help drivers on the road, our Customer Support team proudly assists enterprise fleet staff at every level. From back-office employees to fleet owners and everyone in between, Platform Science provides the solutions our customers need, whenever they need them. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you manage your fleet, we’ll be here to answer your call.