3 Tools to Make Life Easier for Drivers

Commercial truck drivers face a variety of unique challenges in their daily jobs. From working long hours and complying with company and government guidelines, to defensively maneuvering 80,000-pound vehicles through adverse weather and traffic conditions, drivers have their work cut out for them on any given route.

To promote safety, efficiency, and employee retention, today’s top fleets are embracing technology for managing their operations, from the back office to the driver’s cab. Fleet management software (FMS) offers deep insight into daily operational data, as well as tools to streamline reporting, optimize company-wide communication, and reduce busywork.

Technology Makes a Difference for Drivers

Today, 95% of truck drivers have smartphones and are comfortable working with smart devices to improve their daily tasks. Implementing tools that work in the smart device environment—and are specifically built to make drivers’ work less stressful and more efficient—is a smart move for fleet managers looking to optimize operations and improve driver safety, compliance, and retention.

Small efficiencies add up to big improvements over time, and specialized software apps that integrate seamlessly with FMS ecosystems are gaining popularity—including many aimed at making drivers’ days more efficient and enjoyable. Fleet managers looking to retain their best drivers are adding these apps to their virtual toolbox of software and hardware technology supporting their trucks.

For example, the Platform Science partner ecosystem gives fleet managers the option to choose from specialized add-on applications like these three designed to make drivers’ days instantly easier: 

1. Weigh My Truck by CAT Scale

Weighing the truck is a required yet often time-consuming part of your driver’s job. All the small steps involved in the process—including parking, going inside, and interacting with the weighmaster in person—add up to valuable lost time that could have been spent driving. The Weigh My Truck app by CAT Scale allows drivers to weigh their trucks from the comfort of their cabs by using prompts on their devices. Drivers simply load on the scale, wait for the certified weight from the weighmaster to appear on the screen, and receive the ticket as a PDF, which they can send to up to five email addresses.

Printed tickets are also available at the fuel desk for up to one hour after the weighing, but payment is processed from the device while still in the cab. CAT Scale estimates that drivers will save an average of up to 20 minutes per weigh time. Digitally delivered tickets mean never losing another scale ticket and fleets receive them in real-time. Fleet managers can also download weigh reports, saving valuable time for their back-office team.

2. SHIPSMobile by EBE Technologies

SHIPSMobile expedites the billing process by enabling drivers to capture and submit images from their devices, minimizing time-to-bill and improving turnaround time. Fleets implementing this automation have eliminated 90% of outbound calls to drivers regarding missing or late paperwork—saving labor costs for dispatch while minimizing distractions for drivers—and reduced 94% of accruals by sending paperwork to their accounting departments in a timelier manner.

The app’s integrated indexing reduces busywork while eliminating errors and minimizing the time required for manual data entry. Integrated billing features also enable billing staff to focus on the exceptions for improved productivity. SHIPS Mobile strengthens customer relationships, as immediate POD notifications send delivery documents, shipment tracking, and GPS location updates directly to the shipper. Removing these tasks from drivers’ to-do lists enables them to focus on safely completing their routes, rather than on paperwork or communicating on late documentation.

3. MileOn by PC*MILER

Giving drivers more control and customization in their routes is a great way to improve job satisfaction and reduce burnout. MileOn by PC*MILER delivers real-time insight into drivers' trips, helping them make better choices and drive more efficiently. In addition to providing live updates on parking availability and diesel pricing at verified truck stops, MileOn enables drivers to create trip plans that incorporate their available hours, helping them maximize driving time and avoid fines.

MileOn also allows drivers to choose their preferred stop locations by viewing amenities—like restaurants, restrooms, and showers—at truck stops and rest areas along their routes. It also helps drivers avoid delays with up-to-the-minute reporting on radar, weather alerts, and traffic conditions. These data points reduce driver stress and establish a healthier work-life balance, supporting driver retention and job satisfaction, as well as your bottom line. Investing in tools that make your drivers’ jobs more efficient and enjoyable pays off in improved safety performance, better compliance, and improved retention. 

Learn more about Platform Science’s ecosystem of specialized partner apps that integrate seamlessly with our fleet management software.