Walmart drives innovation with Platform Science

Walmart’s mission to help people live better doesn’t stop at its customers—it also applies to the company’s truck drivers. The Arkansas-based retailer’s integration of Platform Science’s connected vehicle platform with its entire fleet of private cabs is part of a commitment to improve the daily operations of its 12,000+ drivers by providing “better visibility, enhanced communication, [and] productivity retention.”

Creating a world-class driver experience

The results have already started rolling in. Since deploying our telematics and fleet management platform, Walmart’s driver satisfaction has increased significantly. By equipping each cab with a tablet that fully integrates with its driver workflow app NTransit, Walmart has given drivers the technology they need to work—and live—better.

Greater visibility onboard and in-store

With one of the country’s largest private fleets, Walmart needs technology that can keep up. Leveraging our telematics solutions in tandem with NTransit provides near real-time inventory tracking for enhanced asset visibility, ensuring freight is delivered to the right place at the right time. For customers, knowing what’s in stock—and what’s on the way—ensures a smoother shopping experience both in-store and online.

More efficiency with every delivery

Integrating its existing applications with our open platform, Walmart has streamlined deliveries through improved communications between drivers and stores. When a truck nears its dropoff point, store associates receive a notification of the driver’s location, enabling them to plan for the delivery before it arrives. Eliminating these manual tasks in the delivery process helps drivers spend less time at fulfillment and distribution centers and more time on the road.

Through our collaboration with Walmart, we’re proud to unlock new solutions for supply chain innovation. Wherever the road takes us, we know the future will be better together.