Unlock the Power of Your Data with PS Analytics

Commercial fleets generate thousands of data points every day. From RPM, fuel usage, and idle time to critical events and hours of service (HOS) violations, the amount of information can be overwhelming without an effective tool for collecting, synthesizing, and reporting. An effective approach to making your data actionable connects your fleet with the full potential of your real-time and historic data for improving your operations, increasing safety, and maintaining compliance.

Platform Science recently introduced a new tool designed to help fleets harness the power of their real-world data: PS Analytics, an app specifically focused on making large amounts of driver and vehicle information easier to view, process, and share. With detailed and easy-to-understand dashboards, customizable reports, and automated alerts, PS Analytics removes the barrier between data and decision, delivering rich insights that facilitate smarter business decisions and safer, more compliant operations.

What is Business Intelligence for Telematics?

The adoption of telematics solutions and business intelligence (BI) tools within the trucking industry has steadily increased in recent decades, as trucking companies have recognized the value of leveraging telematics data to gain actionable insights and improve operational efficiency. BI tools empower fleet managers and decision-makers to analyze and interpret telematics data to make informed decisions, identify trends, track KPIs, and optimize various aspects of their operations, such as fuel efficiency, route planning, and driver performance.

Advanced BI tools leverage predictive analytics to anticipate maintenance needs, reduce downtime, and optimize vehicle utilization. By analyzing historical and real-time data, these tools detect patterns and identify potential issues before they become critical. Telematics-based BI tools help trucking fleets reduce fuel consumption, optimize routes, improve driver performance, and streamline operations. These benefits translate into cost savings, increased productivity, reduced fines, and greater customer satisfaction. 

How PS Analytics Turns Data into Decisions

As a leader in hardware and software that helps fleets capture their data, Platform Science recognizes the need for powerful yet easy-to-use tools for processing, displaying, and sharing key takeaways from real-time and historic metrics. PS Analytics meets this need in several ways—including customizable dashboards, reports, and real-time alerts—empowering fleets to make the most of their data with quick views of:

  • Asset utilization across the entire fleet
  • Trends in violations and risky driving behavior
  • Driver performance, including top performers and those needing additional coaching
  • Compliance data to spot trends and ensure critical areas are addressed
  • Operational efficiency, answering questions such as: How many of my trucks are on the road? What is my fleet’s MPG? How long are my drivers idling vs. driving? What are my month-to-month comparisons for miles driven and fuel usage?
  • Alerts when fleet performance dips below a predefined level
  • Scheduled reports with easily readable and sharable summaries of operational efficiency 

PS Analytics Key Features

The key features of PS Analytics are designed to help fleet managers view, sort, process, and share important metrics by making it easier to filter and understand their real-world data. Harnessing the potential for real changes and improvement, PS Analytics identifies strengths and areas for improvement while simplifying how fleets track trends over time.

Some of PS Analytics’ key features include:

  • Dashboards: Interactive dashboards provide at-a-glance insights into various areas of fleets’ operations to help managers make better decisions, easily spot trends, and identify opportunities for efficiencies. Combining data from a range of sources—including trend charts, info cards, gauges, heat maps, and more—PS Analytics dashboards present information in one easy-to-understand view. Users have the option to filter data and focus on what’s important to them or utilize preset Operational Efficiency and Safety & Compliance Dashboards. Both custom and preset dashboards can be sent directly to specific email addresses once or scheduled for repeated delivery at monthly, daily, or hourly intervals, as well as on select days.
  • Reports: Automated reports deliver hassle-free, easily shareable insights with flexible filtering to narrow results based on fleets’ specific needs. Reports on items like uncertified logs, HOS violations, critical events, and excessive speed are accessible and downloadable in the portal, with the option to schedule automated deliveries via email with customized timing, subject lines, and email body content.
  • Alerts: Real-time alerts support proactive fleet management by delivering email alerts based on your determined metrics. Setting notification thresholds for managers or entire teams enables them to quickly address potential issues such as HOS violations or speeding events. 

For years, fleets have left a great deal of money on the table by not being able to fully utilize all the real-world data generated by their trucks. But with PS Analytics’ automated data synthesis and summaries, fleets now have instant insight into their daily operations with metrics to track and improve their performance over time. Being armed with this insight empowers them to make more proactive and insightful decisions, truly harnessing the power of their data.

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