Staying connected and contactless: Platform Science and Vector's future-proof solution for Werner Enterprises

Amid the uncertainty of a global pandemic, businesses around the world were faced with a challenge: change or close. While some evolved their operations almost seamlessly, many businesses were unable to continue.

For the transportation industry, the challenge was unique and complex. The ever-increasing demand for essential goods presented enterprise fleets with an opportunity to do more business, but the surge in shipments took its toll. Elevated health protocols required new safety procedures, which required more time and money to enforce. And as drivers were considered essential workers, the pressure for fleets to conduct business as usual extended all the way to the driver’s seat.

When our partners at Werner Enterprises, a national leader in logistics and transportation, wanted to pandemic-proof their fleet, they turned to us for a solution. Through a joint partnership with Vector, a leader in logistics workflow technology, we developed a way to keep Werner’s drivers—and customers—safe with every delivery.

Platform Science's Workflow app in action

Shifting gears with fleet management solutions

Using our innovative productivity tool, PS Workflow, we seamlessly integrated with Vector to create a safer experience for Werner’s team. By leveraging Workflow’s deep-link capability—which syncs information across a mobile device’s apps—we utilized existing features initially built for data automation as the foundation for a new solution to an unprecedented challenge.

Together with Vector, who also tapped into their existing app technology, Platform Science streamlined the delivery and pickup process for Werner and its drivers:

  1. The driver checks in using the PS Workflow app
  2. Vector’s Contactless app autofills the driver’s personal info 
  3. A shipping clerk assigns a door or yard area for load pickup
  4. Vector sends the driver directions to the pickup location
  5. The shipping clerk sends the Bill of Lading to the driver via Vector
  6. The driver edits and completes the BoL workflow in the Vector app
  7. The clerk signs for the shipment, verifying the driver can leave

Once the driver has reached the final receiver destination and checked in, the PS Workflow app will send the same load information. After the receiving clerk has verified the shipment and marked the delivery as complete, the driver can return to the PS Workflow app to resume their assignment.

Driving innovation for a safer future

Platform Science’s partnership with Vector—and the speed with which we combined our efforts— highlights the power and importance of flexible fleet management technology. In keeping with our ongoing effort to make transportation smart, we've once again delivered on our promise to create the most flexible platform in the industry. Through modern telematics, driver-friendly tools, and streamlined data solutions, we proudly continue to innovate as new challenges arise.

To see Platform Science and Vector's contactless delivery solution in action, check out this demo:

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