Platform Science and Motive partner to improve fleet safety

Connecting fleets with a safer experience drives everything we do here at Platform Science. As part of our commitment to improving driver safety, we’re pleased to announce a new partnership with fleet technology company Motive (formerly KeepTruckin).

This collaboration brings Motive’s AI-powered dashcam solution to the Platform Science Marketplace, giving our mutual customers an easier, more efficient way to manage the technologies they use to keep their drivers safe. Integrating Motive’s safety tools with our platform also offers fleets greater visibility into the data that keeps their operations moving.

Fleet safety powered by partnership

When it comes to keeping fleets safe, we believe working together is better. In addition to providing a single destination for fleet safety tools, our partnership with Motive eliminates data fragmentation and disruptions caused by switching between solutions. And with direct access to accurate dashcam data, fleets have the visibility evidence they need to protect their drivers—and their bottom line—in the event of safety incidents.

“Improving how the trucking industry operates isn’t the purview of a single company or sector. It’s about the wider ecosystem developing solutions that drive it forward,” said Drew Quinlan, VP of Business Development at Motive. “Our integration with Platform Science means carriers can use more high-quality data to create better outcomes for the whole industry and the wider supply chain.”

The smart solution for unsafe driving

Motive’s best-in-class AI dashcam leads the industry in speed, quality, and reliability, detecting unsafe driving behavior with unrivaled accuracy when and where it matters most. With their dashcam solution on board, drivers demonstrating high-risk behavior receive real-time alerts to help them get back on track.

Motive’s dashcam also includes automated driver coaching from their in-house safety team, who assist drivers with tips for safer driving after their next trip is complete. That way, fleets benefit from increased driver awareness and accountability without having to coach drivers themselves, saving time while supporting safer driving habits for the road ahead.

In-cab footage in high definition

All unsafe driving events captured by Motive’s AI dashcam are uploaded in HD video to the cloud seconds after they occur and stored for up to 104 hours, providing timely visibility via tools such as Video Recall and Live Stream. With this advanced technology on board, fleets have a clear picture of drivers’ behavior and solutions for preventing avoidable accidents.

Fleet safety by the numbers

According to a recent safety report, “fleets that used Motive dash cams and frequently coached had 22% fewer accidents and 56% fewer unsafe driving incidents than fleets that didn’t use dash cams and didn’t coach.” The report also claimed fleets saw “up to 10x return on investment (ROI) in their first year with Motive,” further proof of the value delivered by Motive’s driver safety solutions. 

Moving safety forward with Motive

Working together connects our customers with the best of both worlds in a single solution by enabling us to deliver innovation only made possible through collaboration. We’re proud to join Motive on the journey to advancing fleet safety, and we look forward to the future as we continue moving forward together.Want to learn more about our partnership? Connect with us and we’ll be happy to discuss how Motive’s fleet safety solutions integrate with our platform to deliver a safer driver experience.