Meet Virtual Vehicle

Platform Science, in collaboration with Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA), is proud to introduce Virtual Vehicle, the first open original equipment manufacturer (OEM) platform for fleet management. Virtual Vehicle enables enterprise fleets, telematics service providers (TSP), third-party developers, and partners to access real-time data directly from connected vehicles.

With built-in telematics hardware installed right on the production line, Virtual Vehicle helps fleets save time, money, and effort by eliminating the need for aftermarket installations. “The system is seamlessly enabled in our trucks without the need for installing any additional telematics hardware or the associated costs and loss of uptime,” said Sanjiv Khurana, head of the Connected Services Group at DTNA. “Through our collaboration with Platform Science, we are building on the strong connectivity already integrated into our trucks and offering unprecedented flexibility, efficiency, and scalability.”

A platform-first approach

In May of 2020, we announced our collaboration with DTNA, as well as our plan to deliver advanced on-vehicle software solutions to enterprise fleets. Using the Platform Science suite of services, DTNA became the first OEM to integrate factory-installed telematics with cloud, edge, and in-dash technology on a single platform.

This groundbreaking innovation offers a unique opportunity for distributing, managing, and enabling the mobile technology behind driver applications and connected services. It also features all the tools required to manage the applications, connectivity, and mobile devices used to capture vehicle data, providing a one-stop platform for flexible fleet management.

Fleets can now choose software anytime they want, without the inconvenience and wasted investment in hardware that customers have historically had to deal with just to get new apps,” explained Jack Kennedy, co-founder and CEO of Platform Science. “We are thrilled to partner with DTNA and support them on this journey to make customers’ lives easier and easier as the world innovates faster and faster.”

Flexibility and choice for fleets

Virtual Vehicle was designed to provide enterprise fleets with an open, connected platform for managing their data, devices, and applications. Factory-installed telematics hardware simplifies the onboarding process, making it easy for fleets to roll out their vehicles’ technology with no downtime. Once their trucks are on the road, Virtual Vehicle’s combined cloud, edge, and in-dash technology provides fleets with 24/7 access to vehicle data—even when they’re offline.

Innovation for TSPs and developers

Virtual Vehicle also connects TSPs and third-party developers with new ways to innovate their solutions. Standardized data removes the need for reconfiguring products to fit vehicle and hardware specifications, speeding up deployment times for a faster ROI. And when TSPs and developers are ready to sell their products, they’ll have a marketing advantage with access to an active base of customers and a premier distribution channel.

Options and opportunities for everyone

With a full catalog of solutions from industry-leading partners, fleets can easily find, combine, and customize an app experience tailored to their unique needs. For TSPs and developers, the catalog provides more opportunities to connect with prospects and unprecedented visibility without the complexity required to market new solutions. As more developers, TSPs, and OEMs join the platform, fleets will have more options for how they capture and manage the vehicle data that keeps Virtual Vehicle going.

Virtual Vehicle is currently available on Freightliner Cascadias manufactured September 1, 2019 or later and will be available as a monthly subscription to qualified customers. For more information, visit