How to show driver appreciation all year long

Drivers are at the heart of everything we do. They keep our industry, economy, and society running smoothly by delivering the goods we need day in and day out. So smoothly, in fact, that it can be easy to take for granted how essential their contributions are to our daily lives.

As this year’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week approaches, we’ve highlighted some of the ways you can improve the quality of life among your fleet’s driving force. While it’s easy to say you appreciate your drivers, showing them proves you mean it.

Helping drivers maintain good health

When your drivers are at their best, everyone benefits. To ensure their wellbeing, we recommend considering apps that help your drivers track their health. They’ll feel better overall, which ultimately leads to smoother operations and a more productive working environment. Additionally, when drivers practice healthy habits, they’re much less likely to endanger others on the road.

Within our industry, a recent shift in focus towards better lifestyle management has caused many fleets to review their efforts to protect drivers’ health. You may want to consider an incentive program that encourages drivers to improve their overall wellness. Platform Science is proud to partner with RollingStrong, a provider of driver wellness programs with tools to help transportation companies and drivers manage nutrition, fitness, sleep, weight, and stress.

Celebrating your team members often

Drivers chose your fleet for a reason. Whether it was pay, incentives, flexibility, or your reputation in the industry, they decided to represent you out on the road. Show them they made the right choice by celebrating work anniversaries and milestones, as well as major life events—from birthdays to babies and anything in between. Everyone appreciates being appreciated, and there’s always a reason to celebrate the people who drive your fleet—not just during Truck Driver Appreciation Week. 

A recent Tenstreet article on driver retention includes some budget-friendly ideas for celebrating drivers, such as a rewards program that pays for itself through reallocated funds. The transportation software company also cited an employee recognition study which showed that “nearly 90% of employees who received recognition in the past month felt a high level of trust with their supervisor, compared to 48% among those who did not.” So whether you spend money on gifts or simply pay compliments, finding ways to celebrate your drivers is worth the investment.

Finding the right technology

Driver shortage and retention are major concerns for fleets of all sizes. Our partners at Samsung recently explored some of the factors contributing to driver turnover, as well as solutions for improving the driver experience. One of the best ways to keep drivers satisfied, they learned, is through technology. Using devices like the Galaxy Tab Active3—a rugged tablet which easily syncs with our platform—helps drivers stay connected behind the wheel, making their lives and jobs much easier.

At Platform Science, we take pride in providing tech drivers love to use. From cutting-edge hardware and intuitive software to round-the-clock customer support, our platform’s easy-to-use tools are designed with drivers in mind. If you’re looking for new ways to keep your drivers on board, we’re happy to help you find the right fit for your fleet. With tools to ensure compliance and safety, modern telematics, and a full suite of productivity apps, we connect your fleet with the solutions you need to show your drivers how much you care.