How Stevens Transport Automated Temp Checks, Bill of Lading (BOL) Verification, & More with Vector Capture

Large-scale commercial fleets share many common challenges and struggles, but in other ways, have their own unique specific needs, strengths, and goals. When a team is able to bring together disparate solutions into a single operational framework, however, impressive gains can be made in efficiency and customization. 

Focusing on Driver Experience and Customer Satisfaction

Recently, Stevens Transport – one of North America’s top refrigerated carriers – set the goal of making their drivers’ days more efficient and streamlined, specifically in regard to their documentation and delivery processes. Since Stevens operates on Virtual Vehicle, the Platform Science fleet management platform, Stevens was able to tap into an extended add-on app ecosystem to tailor their system to their exact needs.

Through the platform, Stevens began partnering with Vector, a technology provider that specializes in supply chain issues for shippers and carriers. From several add-on apps available from Vector, Stevens selected Vector Capture, a document-scanning technology that helps eliminate document damage or loss and processing delays, significantly expediting processing.

Easier, More Efficient Days

Seamlessly integrated into Platform Science’s driver workflows, Stevens drivers can scan delivery documents from their in-cab tablet and instantly transmit them to the back office. Reducing paperwork and time wasted navigating between various digital tools in daily operations makes loads run more smoothly, decreases driver burnout and turnover, and improves data quality for the back office.

These tools also help Stevens drivers improve customer service by offering access to BOLs at the time of pickup – including verified temperatures, weights, and products shipped – along with proof of delivery and automated confirmation while still onsite. Stevens also chose to integrate Vector's Facility Solution that further streamlines facility check-ins via Vector Fast Pass.

Benefits for the Entire Fleet

The technology collaboration between Platform Science and Vector benefitted other teams within Stevens Transport as well, including the temperature control team. Since the app delivers verified temperature checks to drivers and confirms temperatures at certain times and locations quickly, it saves drivers significant time by eliminating the need for phone calls, stops for verification, and image captures. This results in faster invoice submission and quicker pay turnaround. Stevens estimates that the Vector app has reduced their temperature verification times by at least 90%.

Since the Vector app integrated seamlessly into the Platform Science environment, Stevens automatically benefitted from SSO (single sign-on), customized workflow, GPS location of each document scan, search functionality, and workflow rules —all within one portal which is accessible by all logistics stakeholders. Thanks to the support from both Platform Science and Vector, Stevens implemented Vector across its 2,300+ trucks in just 60 days.


Read more about the collaboration between Stevens Transport, Vector, and Platform Science now or watch a video about the successful partnership.