CabBrowser by Transpoworks Delivers Managed Web Browser Solution for Fleets

Today’s fleet managers often face the challenge of balancing the usefulness of web technology with driver safety and fleet security requirements. Most in-cab tablets also don’t provide open Internet access for numerous reasons, including the need to manage data usage, prevent access to prohibited websites, and reduce potential distractions.

However, drivers’ jobs frequently require online- or Cloud-based apps or web portals to complete their tasks. This results in drivers using personal devices as a workaround, which creates in-cab distractions and a less-than-ideal driver experience.

Platform Science partner Transpoworks recently introduced CabBrowser, a managed browser solution that offers the best of both worlds by allowing drivers to visit approved websites through their Platform Science in-cab tablet while their managers retain oversight and access approval. Fleets also have the option to create custom Quick Launch buttons for frequently used websites and applications, as well as configure analytics for tracking specific sites.

Benefits of a Managed In-Cab Web Browser

A managed in-cab web browser simplifies a driver’s day while giving fleet managers peace of mind knowing all accessed sites are secure and approved. In addition to its simple, streamlined design, CabBrowser can be set as the tablet’s default browser by automatically applying a preset “allow” list.

Other helpful features include:

  • Auto-population of drivers’ usernames and login credentials, eliminating the need to set up and manage new accounts and passwords
  • Instant system updates automatically deployed across all connected tablets as needed
  • Quick Launch buttons that enable drivers to access websites and Android applications
  • Fleet manager web dashboards that allow admins to manage approved websites, approve/deny driver requests for new websites, and configure app settings

Offering drivers a safe yet effective way to access the Internet helps fleet managers improve driver job satisfaction, increase efficiencies, and support safety measures by reducing distractions behind the wheel.

Learn more about how CabBrowser streamlines your fleet’s online tools.