2024 Insights: Fleet Trends to Watch

At the end of the year, Platform Science pauses to reflect on the challenges and wins of the past 12 months, and to create a list of trends we would recommend fleets to watch for in the year to come. Based on our extensive industry experience and work with innovative customers and partners, this outlook serves as a guide for anyone wanting to stay prepared for what may be on the horizon for the commercial trucking industry.

This year’s Insights document contains five trends for the year 2024 and beyond. Our industry withstood some substantial challenges in 2023; from supply chain issues to parts shortages and skyrocketing fuel prices, fleets tightened their belts and toughened up. The predictions for the upcoming year focus on moving forward with an improved driver experience, integrated partner technologies, exciting AI tools, and more.

Below is a sneak peak of our Insights 2024 document, which also contains recommended action items for each. Download the full free document here.

Trend #1: Fleets will focus on improved driver experience for retention and recruitment.

Although the salary bidding wars and astronomical turnover rates seem to be fading, smart fleets are still investing in ways to attract and keep the best and brightest drivers. It's estimated that driver turnover can cost up to $12,000 per driver, due to the time and resources invested in recruiting, onboarding, and training each driver. Additionally, the expected driver shortage in the years to come continues to be a serious concern for the industry. Fleets should consider how they can leverage new technologies to give drivers a better daily experience, reduce burnout, and support retention.

Trend #2: Equipment manufacturers will continue to seek out partners in the software space.

It’s clear that a one-size-fits-all solution can never meet every need of an individual fleet. That’s where strategic partnerships come in, in the form of specialized add-on apps. These partnerships propel the industry forward and expand the potential for manufacturers exponentially. In the year to come, these product ecosystems will continue to grow and offer exciting new capabilities for fleets.

Trend #3: Evolving compliance regulations will impact fleets.

A key component of future-proofing your fleet is staying aware of – and ahead of – changing government guidelines and regulations. A lack of compliance can mean expensive fees and even grounding of vehicles, while unplanned required equipment upgrades can place a heavy strain on your maintenance team and route schedules. Watching for changes on the horizon – and how they may impact your fleet – is a smart move in the year 2024 and beyond. There are several best practices to help you do so.

Trend #4: Fleets will utilize business-boosting apps.

While a good fleet management platform covers a wide range of tasks and offers deep insights into operations, there are times when a fleet needs extra attention on various aspects of its business. Just like a smartphone offers an extensive app library to help you customize your device, a partner app ecosystem allows fleets to beef up on whatever metric they choose, whether it’s fuel management, compliance, navigation, safety, training, or more. Learn more about what’s important to consider when looking to integrate third-party tools.

Trend #5: Artificial intelligence (AI) will be a useful tool for fleet maintenance.

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic across many industries today, and commercial trucking is no different. While experts suggest it will be decades before technology is realized for self-driving rigs, there are some existing AI tools that promise to improve fleet operations. AI tools can more accurately monitor fleet health, create smarter and more precise maintenance schedules, and extend the life of your vehicles. See how AI is making fleet maintenance smarter than ever.

Watching Trends Helps Future-Proof Your Fleet

Staying ahead of the curve can make all the difference in your success in the months to come. Teaming up with partners who prioritize innovation and stay current with developments in the industry is a smart move for all fleets in the year to come. By taking proactive steps to embrace or address the expected trends, fleets can feel confident and prepared in 2024.

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