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Leveraging an open platform, this innovative VTID solution integrates seamlessly with SkyBitz telematics and Platform Science's connected vehicle platform. This integration, showcased through the SkyMatch app on Platform Science's in-cab tablet, streamlines the validation of data exchanged between tractors-trailers, the office, and drivers, offering a holistic and efficient telematics experience.

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Quickly validate tractor-trailer connections with no additional hardware required. SkyBitz SkyMatch™ is the transportation industry’s first virtual trailer ID (VTID) solution. Quickly streamline operations and improve trailer security with SkyMatch automating the delivery of accurate and consistent trailer identification data to your integrated back-office and mobile applications.

Prevent costly operational errors

SkyMatch improves the accuracy and automation of trailer data so fleet management systems can:

  • Prevent mistakes by quickly notifying dispatchers and drivers if tractors are pulling the wrong  trailers.
  • Feed accurate trailer numbers to back-office systems when drivers pick up loaded or empty trailers from yards.
  • Identify if and when trailers are being used without proper permission.
  • Validate the accuracy of trailer numbers entered by drivers into ELDs and mobile apps.

Expand ROI with the SkyBitz SmartTrailer™ ecosystem

SkyBitz is solving industry challenges with an open platform that allows technology providers to integrate with SkyBitz telematics solutions to increase asset utilization, safety, and security.

SkyMatch works by sending VTID data to a mobile app from the next-generation SkyBitz Kinnect™ and Kuantum™ platforms through a wireless local Bluetooth network. The app compares the trailer number to what the driver should be pulling via a real-time integration with your transportation management system (TMS).

The fast validation process:

  • Improves customer service by preventing errors to plan and execute on-time deliveries.
  • Maximizes security by quickly flagging unauthorized trailer use. 
  • Increases data quality by validating trailer numbers that drivers enter in mobile workflow apps.

SkyMatch delivers effective, accurate, consistent trailer ID data to integrated SkyBitz trailer tracking, third-party fleet mobility, and back-office transportation management systems to:

• Validate Dispatch - Eliminate costly mistakes by quickly notifying dispatchers and drivers if tractors are pulling the wrong trailers.

• Update Data - Feed correct trailer numbers to a TMS when drivers pick up loaded or empty trailers from yards.

• Detect Misuse - Quickly identify unknown tractor-trailer connections to respond if assets are stolen or misused.

• Flag Exceptions - Enable a TMS to immediately flag when trailers move without valid truck/load assignments.

• Ensure Accuracy - Validate the accuracy of trailer numbers that drivers enter in ELDs and other mobile apps.


Expand Your ROI

SkyMatch adds a powerful tool to next-generation SkyBitz IoT systems, yielding direct benefits through:

• Improving customer service - Accurate trailer data helps you optimally plan and execute on-time deliveries.

• Saving time and money - Prevent mismatched tractor-trailer events that waste driver hours, fuel, and miles to recover loaded and empty assets.

• Maximizing security  - Mitigate risks by quickly flagging unauthorized trailer use and, in some cases, identify who is using your trailer but is not authorized.

• Increasing data quality - Quickly validate trailer numbers that drivers enter in mobile workflow apps.

  • Enhance trailer security
  • Increase fleet efficiency
  • No additional hardware required

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