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Doran 360 TPMS
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Doran 360 TPMS

Doran Manufacturing

Best in class tire monitoring integration that includes a driver interface mobile application displaying all tire positions with color coded tire pressure & temperature status.  Provides real-time alert notifications of cautionary & critical low pressure alarm plus critical FastLeak & high temperature alarm conditions.  This integration can also provide email notifications for pressure/temperature alerts & daily alert summary reports.

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Reduce tire related operating expenses, improve equipment uptime and increase vehicle safety with Doran 360 TPMS. This best in class tire monitoring integration features a driver interface mobile application that includes color coded tire pressure and tire temperature status for all tire positions & real-time alert notifications for the following tire conditions:

  • Cautionary low pressure
  • Critical low pressure
  • FastLeak / rapid loss of air
  • High temperature
  • High pressure (optional)

Doran 360 TPMS  also includes email notifications and daily summary reports, providing drivers managers and fleet maintenance real-time visibility on tires issues. 


- Color coded tire pressure & temperature status – provides quick reference for driver, at a glance identification of any tire pressure or temperature issues.

- Real-time notifications in-cab for low pressure & high temperature conditions. 

- Email notifications including type of TPMS alert, axle/tire position, pressure/temperature reading, truck #, date/time of issue and location.

- Daily summary reports of alerts by vehicle for each terminal/location.

- Doran TPMS portal featuring

  • Dashboard View of active TPMS alerts
  • Current & historical tire pressure / temperature data by vehicle, updated periodically
  • Sortable data table of vehicles with tires in alert conditions

- Driver-friendly interface – Color coded tire pressure & temperature status provides quick & easy identification of tire issue.

- Reduce operational costs

  • Improve accuracy and reduce time needed for pre-trip inspections
  • Maximize tire tread life to reduce new tire purchases
  • Keep tire casing in better condition for retreading

- Increased visibility on tire issues – email notifications for tire pressure/temperature alert conditions help driver managers & fleet maintenance teams work with the driver to safely address the issue

- Reduce equipment downtime

  • Daily TPMS alert summary reports help maintenance teams identify & repair/replace problem tires before equipment leaves for the day
  • Minimize tire related roadside service calls
  • Identify tire leaks early before major problems occur     

- Improve safety

  • Avoid catastrophic tire failures due to low pressure
  • Improve braking performance and traction with properly inflated tires
  • Reduce change for tire fires
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