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RideViewTM by LightMetrics helps fleets protect themselves and improve safety with driver coaching using intuitive and easy-to-use workflows. Edge AI helps prevent accidents and risky driving behavior with real-time in cab audio alerts. Built for the enterprise fleet and well integrated with Virtual Vehicle by Platform Science, RideViewTM brings out the best features including unified driver ID, custom triggers and more.

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RideViewTM is a video safety and vehicle telematics integrated solution that provides all the safety insights a fleet would need in one place. This cutting-edge video safety solution helps protect your fleet, reduce accidents, and coach your drivers with easy-to-use workflows. Edge AI detects risky driving using road and driver-facing cameras and provides in-cab coaching to drivers. The system is highly configurable to meet different fleet needs. 

The unique integration with Virtual Vehicle provides comprehensive visibility and context for AI events like distractions and events from vehicle telematics like roll stability, AEB, etc. Everything that is required to manage fleet safety is available in one place. The ability to reduce risky driving, no matter the source of information, becomes part of the fleet’s daily workflow. Driver ID integration with Platform Science ensures every trip has an accurate driver ID, making the driver insights more valuable and actionable.

Intuitive workflows for on-demand video, live streaming, coaching, and camera management ensure that your fleet personnel can benefit from video safety with minimal effort.

A highly flexible tagging framework means you can group vehicles and drivers to meet the needs of any enterprise fleet and create the framework required to best manage your fleet. Support for multiple roles and access control helps your fleet personnel focus on what they need to do by showing them what they need to see.

  • Unified workflow that delivers the best of vehicle telematics from Platform Science and video safety from LightMetrics
  • On-demand video to exonerate your fleet and precise incident comprehension
  • Live video streaming for up-to-the-minute situational awareness
  • In-cab coaching leveraging edge AI to detect risky driver behavior and alert drivers.
  • Risky driving behaviors detected – speeding, stop sign compliance, tailgating, forward collision warning, lane drift, harsh events, distracted driving, drowsy driving, cell phone usage, drinking/smoking*, seatbelt*, rollover detection, likely collision, etc.
  • Tagging and Groups to organize your fleet the way you need
  • Support multiple user roles – fleet manager, coach, etc.
  • Easy-to-use coaching workflow that highlights which drivers need coaching and the reasons for coaching and provides event videos to go over in a coaching session
  • Edge integration for driver ID from Platform Science tablet – provides a single source for accurate driver ID. 
  • Integration of triggers from video telematics and vehicle telematics in one UI – gives the best insights.
  • Easy to install cameras that calibrate automatically – saves money and time.
  • Device diagnostics and health that help you ensure cameras are working well and draw your attention in case something is not working ok
  • Notifications service to highlight what matters to you – you get to choose when you want to be notified.
  • Reduce risky driving by up to 80% with real-time alerts upon detecting risky behavior – ADAS and DMS.
  • Protect your fleet and drivers from fraudulent lawsuits and exaggerated claims with video-on-demand when there is an accident or a dispute. 
  • Reduce distracted driving with the most comprehensive distracted driving detection with cues from head pose, cell phone, and downward gaze.
  • Reduce accidents by tackling the #1 cause - speeding - AI based posted speed limit recognition means the most accurate and latest speed limits at all times – including at high-risk places like work zones
  • Save time with the integration of vehicle telematics and video telematics – all insights that matter delivered in one place.
  • No more unassigned trips when it comes to video safety – tight driver ID integration between vehicle telematics and video safety
  • Quickly and easily see all risky driving events in one place - Custom events, OEM proprietary events from Platform Science integrated with risky driving events from video telematics.
  • Gain comprehensive visibility into risky behaviors – stop sign violation, tailgating, forward collision warning, harsh events, distraction, drowsiness, cellphone usage, drinking/smoking*, seatbelt*, etc.
  • Easy to use coaching workflow for fleet personnel so they know who to coach, why, and what to coach them on.

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