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ConMet Digital Driver

ConMet Digital

The ConMet Digital Driver app brings the power of data-driven insights to the road.The app provides fleets with an enhanced vehicle inspection and in-cab asset health alerts so drivers can react quickly to asset health warnings and fleets can make faster decisions.

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The ConMet Digital Driver app has a simple, user-friendly interface, to help drivers and fleet service teams get the most out of telematics data. Data-science driven algorithms produce vehicle health insights that save time and money. Namely, by detecting potential problems early, fleet service teams and drivers can take action to avoid costs that can pile up if repair needs are ignored. For users, it’s easy to access and interpret updates in real-time. No more worrying about misplaced papers or outdated spreadsheets.The ConMet Digital Driver app provides visibility and actionable alerts for tire pressure monitoring and critical component health. With ConMet Digital’s SmartAir™TPMS and PreSet Plus® SmartHub™, fleets can increase uptime, modernize maintenance, and improve safety, all before hitting the road.


• Simple asset selection - Search by VIN number or asset name.

• Easily visualize alerts – Tractor and trailer diagrams display alerts by component.

• In-cab alerts – Integrated withPlatform Science native messaging.

• Full asset support – Monitor tractor, trailer, and dolly assets in one location.

• Alerts by level of importance – Green for normal, orange for warning, and red for critical.


.•Enhance accuracy of vehicle inspections - Monitor critical components that can’t be visually inspected

.• Improve safety - Locate and correct critical component issues before hitting the road.

• Maximize uptime - checking tire pressure in seconds with asset diagram.

• Optimize maintenance – Quickly identify which critical components need attention.

• Streamline PM cycles – Maximize critical component life

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